Hot Shots: 11 Images That Show Worldwide Buyer Trends (and Sold In November)

11 Images That Show Worldwide Buyer Trends

Photo: © Caillum Smith

After this Thanksgiving, ImageBrief photographers have plenty to be thankful for, even if they’re not located in the US. In November, buyers from around the world licensed images from photographers far and wide. From Sweden to Japan, Chicago to New York, and nearly everywhere in between, photographers around the globe have found a worldwide network of buyers through ImageBrief. If you really think about it, isn’t it pretty crazy that an agency in Australia can license an image from Argentina in minutes?

Below you’ll find a small selection of the images that were licensed through ImageBrief in November. As you take a look, you’ll notice some worldwide buyer trends, mainly authentic images that make the viewer feel like they’re part of the action. Just something to keep this in mind next time you’re out and about with your camera.

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5 Places Every Photographer Should Look for Inspiration

Too often photographers reside in their own little bubbles. The have their influences, their favorite photographers, the blogs they regularly check out and rarely venture out of their comfort zones. There’s nothing wrong with sticking with what you know, but it’s worthwhile to sometimes take stock of what you’re letting seep into your brain. Looking to other sources for inspiration on what to shoot, especially if you’re a commercial photographer, can be beneficial to your career. To help in your quest to level up, I created this list of five places every photographer should look for inspiration.

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Always be Shooting: Where to Find Models or Talent

Always be Shooting: Where to Find Models or Talent

Talent sourced from street casting. Photo: © Christian Ericksen

As a freelance photographer, it’s important to keep generating content and while it can be a hustle, it’s a groove I want to be out on the dance floor getting down to for sure! The thing to be doing when your not out in the field actually shooting is to start thinking, “What do I shoot next? Where will I find talent for that shoot? Where will I do that shoot? How will that shoot look?” I’ll be sharing some ways to keep all those things bubbling and maybe help to inspire you to keep producing.

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5 Tips for Getting the Perfect Surf Shot

5 Tips for Getting the Perfect Surf Shot

Photo: © Ryan Struck

When I first started out shooting surf photography, there was barely a digital platform for it. Now, all of the magazines have incredible social media followings and it’s up to the photographers to provide interesting content. If you’re interested in breaking into shooting surf or just want to try it out, here are five tips for getting the perfect surf shot.

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How To License Your Images in the ImageBrief Global Marketplace

How To Get Your Images in ImageBrief's Global Marketplace

Photo: © Sam Dean

We’re delighted to announce the new, integrated Global and personal Portfolio Marketplaces where photographers can instantly license their work and connect with global buyers.

All images are searchable, both by keyword and reverse image search. Buyers can also search the Global Marketplace for photographers based on the photographers name, genres, past clients and location.

So, let’s take a look the difference between the Global and personal Portfolio Marketplaces and how you can get the most out of them to grow your photography business.

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Photo Diary: Lost in Iceland by Matthew Williams

Photo Diary: Lost in Iceland by Matthew Williams

Photo: © Matthew Williams

Brooklyn-based travel and lifestyle photographer Matthew Williams, aka Atticus Radley (so as not to be lost in Google searches), took on the stunningly desolate Icelandic Highlands armed with an SUV, coffee, Doritos, and a camera. His stark and moody photos of the Northern Lights, hot springs, and roadside camps struck a chord with us. Here is his Icelandic photo diary.

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Hot Shots: 10 of the Best Images That Sold in October

10 of the Best Images That Sold in October

Photo: © Peta North

Art directors, photo editors, advertising executives, and creative directors are a savvy bunch. They’re—quite literally—the taste-makers for what’s trending visually and they turn to ImageBrief’s innovative platform to source images for their campaigns. Whether they find images through briefing, hiring a photographer on assignment, or searching our Marketplace; ImageBrief photographers have what they’re looking for. From caviar to bubbles, landscapes to lightsabers, buyer tastes ranged far and wide in October, proving the month best known for Halloween isn’t just about pumpkins and black cats.

To keep you, the photographer, informed about what’s selling and visual trends to keep in mind when you’re on your next shoot, we’ve collected ten of the best images that sold in October on ImageBrief, along with a bit about each brief or topic.

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Meet the Photographer: Jessie Brinkman Evans

Jessie Brinkman Evans finds the “off-the-grid” feeling so addictive, she’s made a career out of it as a professional photographer, and we don’t blame her. As our second Woman Crush Wednesday (check out last week’s post here), she embodies the free-spiritedness every traveling soul strives for. We love her commitment to the experience, even if—as often happens—nothing goes to plan.

Adventure-driven, camera-wielding, and as curious as they come, Jessie is a force to be reckoned with on all accounts. As such, we couldn’t wait to sit down and talk all things photography. Her biggest piece of advice to others? “Trust your gut and don’t hold back.” Words to live by.  Read More

5 Must-Know Tips For Shooting in Natural Light

Everyone knows one—the ultra-technical photographer that spends thousands of dollars on complicated lighting systems, strobes, reflectors, you name it. They squander frustrating hours perfecting their lighting set-up each time they produce a shoot. While this approach might be good for some photographers, oftentimes they’re missing out on what’s right in front of them: natural light.

Of course certain shoots require artificial light, but these days more and more agencies and brands are looking for images that convey a candid feeling, where the image and subjects feel natural, carefree, and in the moment. Shooting in natural light is perfect for capturing these types of shots. Plus, one of best things about natural light: it’s free, anyone can use it, and the only thing it takes is a bit of imagination and know-how. Luckily, one of the best photographers when it comes to shooting with natural light, Christian Ericksen, shares his five must-know tips for shooting in natural light, all in easy-to-understand terms.

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Mallory Morrison

photographer Mallory Morrison

Photo: © Mallory Morrison

This Wednesday marks the start of a new blog series: Woman Crush Wednesday (or #WCW, for the more social-media-savvy readers on deck). We’ve been obsessing over the portfolios of numerous ladies lately, excited about their successes on ImageBrief thus far, and most importantly, itching to share their work! Today, we’re starting off on a high note with Los Angeles-based photographer Mallory Morrison. Specializing in underwater shots and other fine art photography, she’s one of a kind, and the perfect person to speak with about all things career and creativity. Read More