How Expedia hired two Premium Members for international assignments


No doubt you’ve been hearing a lot about our Premium Memberships recently so we thought it about time to start sharing some of the successful assignment hires that are going on behind the scenes.

In January, Expedia contacted us as they were sending crews to a number of locations around the world and needed photographers on the ground to capture the moments for a social media campaign. Using our Find a Pro search listing they were easily able to locate the photographers they needed to shoot the job, one based out of New York and the other in Cambodia. Conor Wall and Robert Englebright were both Premium Members, and we caught up with them to hear about the process of promoting themselves to the buyers and being engaged to shoot. Read More

Christine Wehrmeier on turning a hobby into a profession


British born Christine Wehrmeier’s photography career was preceded by working as a Media Executive for BBC. What started as a hobby evolved into a successful wedding and commercial photography career that has taken her from Ethiopia to Cuba and brushed shoulders with Jim Carey. When viewing her images, you can’t help but sense the feeling of light hearted joy and happiness that emanates from her work. Leveraging her social media channels and networks has also garnered her a loyal legion of followers that keep her business in demand throughout the UK. Here’s how she runs her business and why she thinks you shouldn’t follow too many photographers in the social web. Read More

Tom Brownold’s Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

For Photographer Tom Brownold, finding out that photography was his true passion meant taking a risk he doesn’t regret.  Being located in Arizona, his studio location is convenient for projects in and around Grand Canyon’s South Rim, the Four corners region within the American Southwest, Arizona, Nevada and California.  All these location’s he’s surrounded by act as muses when you look through his extensive body of work.  Not only do they make multiple appearances throughout his portfolio, you soon realize that the locations themselves began to meld with the people that live and interact within those spaces.  Just look at one of his most recent shoots, The Grandest Ride to see what I mean.  Let’s find out a bit more about Tom and how he got where he is.

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Spotify, Slow Boiling Frogs & The Next Generation Photographer

ImageBrief photographer Diana Pappas understands the photograph business better than most

Image by Diana Pappas

These Times They Are A Changin’

Come gather ’round people, Wherever you roam. Let’s just call ‘time out’ for a moment can we?

With the rise of microstock and millions of images flooding the system and increased competition amongst photographers it’s never been more difficult to make a living from photography.

Of course, if you are a photographer you already know this. After all, the average microstock photographer can only expect to earn around $4,000 per year. That’s just over $10 a day, or maybe just enough to buy a sandwich and a coffee. The modern human needs much more than that to survive in this world unless maybe you live in a remote part of Combodia or The Cook Islands (in which case I salute you).

Today, photographers need to have their irons in lots of different fires. The world has changed and the modern photographer now has to develop into an entrepreneur or face possible extinction.

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Tim McGuire: Finding inspiration through nature and the outdoors

Screen shot 2015-02-23 at 3.37.43 PM

Tim McGuire’s journey as a pro photographer has spanned more than 25 years.  Initially starting as a stock shooter, his passion for story telling led him to figuring out what truly makes him happy, namely nature and the great outdoors.  One can’t help but get a rush from seeing his images which always have a sense of adventure and grandeur to them. Let’s find out a bit more from Tim on how he got started and what inspires him to venture outside and capture life as it speeds by!

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Introducing Collections Search: A New Way to Uncover Incredible Photography on ImageBrief

Search ImageBrief and Uncover Incredible Photography

This week we launched Collection Search, a new feature that allows you to search over 1100 collections containing more than 300,000 images, all discoverable for the very first time.

When you search, you’ll unearth curated collections with the perfect shot, along with content that relates to the original image you were looking for. Each collection has been expertly reviewed by our team of photo editors to ensure the standard of quality and authenticity you expect from us.

Clients are already using this feature to build brand libraries and extend campaigns beyond their original vision. With 90% of our photography having never been seen (let alone licensed), you can be sure of finding something wholly your own.

We’ve also made it easy to turn your search into an image request. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, our photographers can search their own archives and deliver the perfect shot. Our library has actually been built based on the submissions of over 34,000 photographers over the past 3 years.

We’re going to continue to build the library in this fashion, which means that each week content is going to become available via search for the very first time. With much of the world’s image content still residing on photographer’s hard drives, our approach means content is appearing online for the very first time on ImageBrief.

So give Collection Search a try today and let us know what you think. You can now uncover incredible photography whenever you want.

Mat Rick on moving to NYC and the importance of social media

Hella Windy Meet
Having arrived in New York a few weeks ago, San Francisco transplant and professional photographer Mat Rick has big ambitions to take on the NYC market.  Mat has the hallmarks of success, with extraordinary talent and an easy-going west coast sensibility that all clients love working with. Mat is a also rare hybrid of a photographer, having a great eye, 10 years of marketing/sales experience and a great understanding of how to use social media to his full advantage, which has resulted in some great jobs and clients in a relative short amount of time. Let’s find out more from Mat, one of our new drinking buddies and neighbors.

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The Life of an Art Producer at Deutsch LA

After catching up with Genevieve Dellinger at 72&Sunny, we decided to hang a bit longer on the left-coast and get to know senior art producer Mara Serdans. Working at Deutsch LA, Mara works with some of the biggest brands in the US. We got a look inside her daily life at Deutsch, where on the web she goes for inspiration and heard about the circuitous path that lead from Kodak’s backyard in upstate New York across the country to California. Read More

‘Founder’ Premium Members – Earn 100% on everything. Starting now.


It’s time to stop screwing photographers

Today, photographers are owned by the stock libraries; companies that house the creator’s work and sell it for peanuts.

In 2013 we created an infographic titled “Who Shot The Photographer?” which highlighted some of the industry forces that could spell the extinction of the Professional Photographer. These forces included cheaper cameras, masses of content flooding the market at cut throat prices and offensive commission structures.

At the same time, image buyers are fed up with the same cheesy, overused, stale content. The system is not working for anyone – perhaps except for the libraries as the sole beneficiaries of an outdated model. In the push for ever expanding profits,  per-image pricing is spiraling out of control and commission structures offered to the photographers are ridiculous and unsustainable.

Is this as good as it gets? Read More

Portraiture & photo journalism the Cameron Karsten way

Bone Fishing in Belize off Ambergris Caye.

Bone Fishing in Belize off Ambergris Caye. Cameron’s childhood dream.

For photographer Cameron Karsten, adventure runs deep in his blood. Having lived a life that only most people would dream of, photography was a natural way he could tell his story. His visual style mixes slices of portraiture and photo journalism making it equally appealing to editorial and commercial clients.  One can’t help but be envious of people that turn their passion into a successful career, so we caught up with Cameron to learn a bit more about how he got started and how he runs his photography business. Read More

Goldwerk Photography shares how they made $18,000 on ImageBrief

Goldwerk Photography

Goldwerk Photography consists of Michael Draasch and Katja Seidel. They both come from Germany and have teamed up to be one of our most consistently successful contributors. So far, they’ve made about $18,000 being awarded for a number of different briefs.

We caught up with Michael and Katja and asked them to share how they’ve been working and what has gotten them to their successes thus far. Read More

Photography marketing from an expert: photographer’s agent Patrick Casey

Phil Toledano | Photography Marketing from Photographer’s Agent Patrick CaseyPhil Toledano / Casey

No one understands how to execute photography marketing like a photographers’ agent. With so many semi-professionals and photography enthusiasts looking to break into full time photography, it’s important to keep in mind that carving out a successful career in this area requires dedication and a plan – one that an agent is an expert carrying out. We recently managed to catch up with seasoned Creative Director and photographers’ agent, Patrick Casey, at CASEY in New York. Patrick is second generation of the Casey name, which has been in the agent business for 30+ years, working with the biggest and best advertising agencies in New York and around the world.

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Do photographers make good directors?

IMG-124026-715289Image courtesy of our very own Ken Pao

According to many they don’t. Crossing the divide seems to be high on the agenda of many shooters yet eludes most. Cue the beautiful model walking on the street in slow mo, wind blowing in her hair – absent of dialogue or storyline. It’s an all too common cliche these days with the advent of motion capture on every SLR. Read More

In Search of the Next Doisneau


“Le baiser de l’hôtel de ville” © Robert Doisneau

Romantics and photography aficionados will be well acquainted with Robert Doisneau’s ‘The Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville’. The iconic photo, taken in Paris in 1950, epitomizes his work and graced postcards and posters the world over. Read More

Photography Property Release for Trademarks

IMG-187426-488033Trademark minefield – You need to know the law before selling your images for commercial use.

Understanding the rules and regs about when to use a photography property release is often misunderstood, especially in how they relate to trademarks. The legal issues surrounding selling images commercially are generally grouped into three categories: photography copyright, trademark and right of publicity. Previously on this blog we covered commonly asked questions about copyright. Here in this second installment, we tackle the issue of trademarks. Remember, this is not legal advice (you should always consult a lawyer), but more a guide to help you make better decisions when shooting and submitting images. Read More

Photography Copyright Release Overview

Os Gemeos Wall Mural, SOHO, New York City

Photography copyright release needed for commerical use? Youbetcha. | Image Credit: Jackie Weisberg

If there is a single question most often on the minds of photographers, it is probably a legal question about when a photography copyright release is needed. This isn’t surprising because the issues are complex and there are several different laws that apply to the sale of photographs for commercial purposes. Each post in this three-part series will address one of the main laws that covers commercial photo rights: 1) copyright, 2) trademark, and 3) the right of publicity or privacy.

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