Goldwerk Photography shares how they made $18,000 on ImageBrief

Goldwerk Photography

Goldwerk Photography consists of Michael Draasch and Katja Seidel. They both come from Germany and have teamed up to be one of our most consistently successful contributors. So far, they’ve made about $18,000 being awarded for a number of different briefs.

We caught up with Michael and Katja and asked them to share how they’ve been working and what has gotten them to their successes thus far. Read More

Photography Marketing from an Expert: Photographer’s Agent Patrick Casey

Phil ToledanoPhil Toledano / Casey

No one understands how to execute photography marketing like a photographers’ agent. With so many semi-professionals and photography enthusiasts looking to break into full time photography, it’s important to keep in mind that carving out a successful career in this area requires dedication and a plan – one that an agent is an expert carrying out. We recently managed to catch up with seasoned Creative Director and photographers’ agent, Patrick Casey, at CASEY in New York. Patrick is second generation of the Casey name, which has been in the agent business for 30+ years, working with the biggest and best advertising agencies in New York and around the world.

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Do photographers make good directors?

IMG-124026-715289Image courtesy of our very own Ken Pao

According to many they don’t. Crossing the divide seems to be high on the agenda of many shooters yet eludes most. Cue the beautiful model walking on the street in slow mo, wind blowing in her hair – absent of dialogue or storyline. It’s an all too common cliche these days with the advent of motion capture on every SLR. Read More

In Search of the Next Doisneau


“Le baiser de l’hôtel de ville” © Robert Doisneau

Romantics and photography aficionados will be well acquainted with Robert Doisneau’s ‘The Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville’. The iconic photo, taken in Paris in 1950, epitomizes his work and graced postcards and posters the world over. Read More

Can I Sell My Image Commercially? Part 2: Trademarks

IMG-187426-488033Trademark minefield – You need to know the law before selling your images for commercial use.

One of the most confusing issues for photographers is understanding the rules and regs about selling their images commercially. The legal issues surrounding image sales are generally grouped in three categories: copyright, trademark and right of publicity. Previously on this blog we covered commonly asked questions about copyright. Here in this second installment, we tackle the issue of trademarks. Remember, this is not legal advice (you should always consult a lawyer), but more a guide to help you make better decisions when shooting and submitting images. Read More

Can I Sell My Image Commercially? Part 1: Copyright Law

Os Gemeos Wall Mural, SOHO, New York City

Copyright infringement for commerical use? Youbetcha. | Image Credit: Jackie Weisberg

If there is a single question most often on the minds of photographers, it is probably a legal question about selling or licensing photographs. This isn’t surprising because the issues are complex and there are several different laws that apply to the sale of photographs for commercial purposes. Each post in this three-part series will address one of the main laws that covers commercial photo rights: 1) copyright, 2) trademark, and 3) the right of publicity or privacy. Read More

Premium Photographer Spotlight of the Week: Fernando Decillis

Some of Fernando’s favorite photos:

(Top left) “Vilma was a parking lot attendant. The car she and her grandson are sitting in was abandoned in the lot where she worked. I was setting up to shoot a singer in the car and asked them to sit in the car to test lights. The image that came out was so special, it became the gem of the shoot and it wasn’t even what I was there to shoot!”

(Top right) “Toy Soldier- Simón discovered this bb gun and I kind of just followed him around the yard with it. He was pretending he was hunting.”

(Bottom left) “This shot was from a set I did for a job. It’s a good example of what I mean when I say “natural light with a kiss.” The room was so luminous, and her white hair really catches my eye. She seemed to have a lot on her mind during the whole shoot.”

(Bottom right) “The Calm After the Storm- This picture tells the story of a distressed woman who is trapped in the suburbs with a baby on the way. There are clues all over the photo that indicate something has happened or that someone else was there with her.”

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Premium Photographer Spotlight Of The Week: Fernando Decillis

 Fernando Decillis shares the story behind his favorite shoot

His favorite shoot:

“I’d just finished shooting a job in Santa Marta, Colombia. My assistant Martín and I went a couple towns down to Taganga that afternoon. We were walking on the beach when I spotted a raft. I looked at him and said,

‘Wouldn’t it be cool to shoot a castaway in the middle of the ocean?’

We started our search for the castaway right then. We walked around town and right outside a little bodega, the perfect guy was busking with his guitar. I offered him a little cash if he would be the subject of this picture. He agreed and met me the next morning just before sunrise. I went back to where the little raft was and asked the owner to rent it and another little boat to carry Martín and I while I took the picture. It’s a reminder that taking the initiative can really pay off. I got one of the strongest images in my book because I went with an idea.”

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Premium Photographer Spotlight Of The Week: Fernando Decillis

Fernando  on finding work:

“Finding work? The answer everyone wants to know- Including me, haha!! There are many theories, tactics, and strategies that people use to try to sell. My favorite is old-fashioned face to face contact, but that requires a lot of money, time, traveling, putting books together and setting up appointments with people who can use your style. Online avenues have been a great tool for me- sites like Imagebrief, Workbook, At-edge, and Wonderful Machine. Instagram is a great tool to keep up with creatives, art buyers, and other people in the photo community and to show them what you have going on, as well.”

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Premium Photographer Spotlight Of The Week: Fernando Decillis

We asked Fernando Decillis where his inspiration comes from:

“For me,  inspiration comes from many places- People I meet or see day to day, locations I might find while driving around scouting, visiting antique stores, or watching movies. I tend to freeze frames in my head and turn them into a still image. Honestly I don’t look at many professional photographers work for inspiration because in my eyes, those images are already successful. I tend to look at amateurs for inspiration. The execution might not be pro, but the story might be more genuine, the rawness gets me to brainstorm and generate new ideas.”

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Premium Photographer Spotlight Of The Week


Rather than attending university or college, Fernando Decillis worked his way up in the photography world after grade school. Fernando was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and moved to Atlanta, Georgia at age ten. When he got older, attending college was out of the question because of high costs and his ‘alien’ status had prevented him from receiving scholarships. Naturally he moved on to something else, and to his delight found something much better.

“I found photography accidentally in my early 20’s. At that point I wasn’t sure what I wanted to pursue as a career- I took a [photography] 101 class, and my teacher deeply encouraged me to develop my photography skills. After that, I attended Portfolio Center in Atlanta and studied photography for 2 years. I attended school thinking I wanted to pursue fashion but as soon as I discovered Avedon’s work, I found a new respect and appreciation for photography. I started assisting local and national photographers all over and all the while, I made time to shoot for myself. After putting together a portfolio, I felt confident enough to reach out to magazines and soon after started working with small ad agencies locally.  

I now specialize in Conceptual Portraiture and Lifestyle.”


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Premium Photographer Spotlight Of The Week: Tatiana Boyle

Tatiana says,

“Shaman – medicine man, Udege people, natural light, color reversal film scan; Russia’s Far East. A rare opportunity to photograph disappearing essence of the first nations in the Ussuri River basin on the border between Russia and China. The harmony, grace, and dignity presented by this man were disarming. After my attempt to solicit his agreement, he didn’t want to pose for a portrait but tolerated a moment of my making a photograph from a distance.”

Tatiana’s most memorable shoot:

“So many wonderful memories and experiences, including amusing and treacherous! I dearly remember a session with Gene Mason – the Vice President and founder of PGA Education Program and Business Schools. After visiting his favorite spots on a golf course, we came to a practice green where my “octas” and “quattros” were set up for an environmental portrait. After the first frames, I knew that I had the right shot, but there was still some time left and we continued conversation through camera shutter and flashing lights. Suddenly, a little boy walked into the space behind Gene. The boy swung his golf putter unusually high, Gene gave a momentous curious look into the boy’s side while maintaining his sitting pose, and I made a shot. The resulting image was not what my client initially had in mind, but because it reflected the essence of Gene’s career and his personality, it was instantly selected.”

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Premium Photographer Spotlight Of The Week: Tatiana Boyle

Tatiana says,

“Joe McNally at work, on location portrait. The talent we were working with was running late after her lunch break. All I had were 20 minutes to re-arrange the set, place the lights, run two test frames of the empty chair, and finish the shoot with actual talent. Joe said, “In the meantime, I’ll be your assistant on this one” and sat on this pink throne. Later, I read Annie Leibovitz’ description of her watching Robert Frank work for a few days. She wrote, “I couldn’t believe that I was able to watch him work for a few days… He picked up my camera once. I was terrified. He held it. It was like being with God.” Joe McNally held my camera. It was like being with God.”

Tatiana’s style:

“I would describe it as an artistic realism. For me, the versatility and omnipresence of light is a perceptual phenomenon that continues to unfold in everything I observe in the camera viewfinder and beyond. There are instances where sought composition is simply unattainable;therefore I build it around my subject.”

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Premium Photographer Spotlight Of The Week: Tatiana Boyle


Tatiana says,

“Aspiring ballerina, on location portrait. Portland’s wintry day had nothing to offer in the natural light department. Small ballet studio provided very limited room for any grip placement. I needed a reserved, large window-type light to convey the aspiration, dream, and hope. Taking my Elinchrom power pack outside, dressing it with octabank, and directing light through the window brought together the facial expression, silhouette, and mood.”

How Tatiana gets her name out there:

“My promo budget includes several categories — my website, portfolio reviews, e-promos, and mailers. Promotion is about volumes and numbers. All these tools work well with consistency, time, and moderation.”

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Premium Photographer Spotlight Of The Week: Tatiana Boyle

Tatiana says,

“Golfers on putting green, Southern Oregon. This image is an example of skies providing photographers with natural light modifiers. A cloud of cold air rolled onto the mainland from the ocean, misted the group in semi-transparent veil, and texturized fairways. I worked the links for about four hours before these conditions occurred.”

How Tatiana finds work:

“I’ve learned to play golf to expand my networking outreach among commercial clients.”

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