Over 15,000 lines of code later… We’ve an awesome new Brief experience!

Our rockstar Product Team has been working tirelessly at ImageBrief HQ on our greatest ever new features release. Now we’re ready to reveal the slick as hell new features that will give you the best user experience possible to date, and a foundation’s been laid for even bigger and better things to come.

Take a look at the video below, Curli guides you through the genius features that will help you nail your brief, communicate with photographers, and collaborate with your team.

Jim Newberry: Mixing Business and Pleasure

Los Angeles-based photographer Jim Newberry’s passion for photography began when his dad got him hooked young. What started as a hobby has turned into a successful career that melds his passion for portraiture, music, and storytelling. Originally from Chicago, Jim has since traded in the punishing winters for sunny blue skies, mountains and the ocean. Let’s hear how Jim got started…

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5 Reasons Why Happiness Psychology Can Help You Choose Better Lifestyle Photography

5 Reasons Why Happiness Psychology Can Help Us Choose Better Lifestyle Photography

Photo by Augustus Butera

Let’s face it. Lifestyle photography can be cheesy, bland, or completely lackluster. Even for experienced creatives, it’s hard to balance what’s engaging with what’s sells. That’s why we see so many cheesy stock photos — and so many boring ads — in marketing materials. The ‘search’ for the perfect visual can be frustrating, particularly when we’re using broad keywords like ‘lifestyle photography’ and ‘happy people’ to choose the perfect photo. We need to dig deeper. Read More

ImageBrief Lands Two Photographers $18,500 Each

Photo: Ed Gately

An outtake from the shoot that won Premium Photographer, Ed Gately $18,500 for his efforts.

We recently had the pleasure of being able to award two photographers with a couple of our highest-paying briefs ever! How high you ask? One client—who, unfortunately, we can’t publicly name at the moment—purchased two images, each by a different photographer for a whopping $18,500!

It was my highest single image license sale of my professional photography career. –Ed Gately

Buyers on ImageBrief run the gamut in terms of how they brief and for how long—sometimes briefs run for just 48 hours, others take as long as a couple months before an image is awarded. While no two briefs are ever the same, and our photographers sometimes wonder how the behind the scenes gears work, we’d like to lift the veil a bit and share some details about how it all went down. Thankfully, the two awarded photographers, Ralph Ventura and Ed Gately, were willing to share how they went about winning this high-paying brief.

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Meet the ImageBrief Premium Team!

The ImageBrief Premium Team: Aoibheann, Ken and Jacob

(The ImageBrief Premium Team: Aoibheann, Ken & Jacob) Photo by Darcy Rogers

My name is Ken Pao, I’m the Director of the Premium Accounts here at ImageBrief.  With the induction of one of our newest teammates, Jacob, I thought it would be a great time to introduce him to our Photographer Community and also speak a bit about ourselves for those who have yet to work with Aoibheann (pronounced A-Veen) and myself! We here at ImageBrief are working tirelessly with our Premium Photographers hand-in-hand helping them build their photography business, connecting them with our buyers and clients, and promoting their work.  I personally couldn’t imagine a better job for myself as I come from a commercial photography background and understand all the challenges us photographers deal with on a daily basis. Read below for some more info on me and the other awesome people that make up the Premium Dream Team!

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Congratulations to our March awarded photographers!

For those of you that don’t know, ImageBrief HQ is based in New York City these days and that means we’re coming right into spring. With that, we wanted to share the blossoming success of last month’s awarded photographers and highlight the commission free earnings of our Premium Members.

You’ve had some great successes in the first part of 2015 and March has been no exception, with our highest ever commission free sale to date at $18,150. Check out our winners graphic and if your name isn’t on the list, let’s get you on there next month!

March Awarded ImageBrief Photographers

Interested to know more about Premium Membership?  Check out how to get hired on assignment by global brands, agencies and publishers.

ImageBrief Pivots Business Model away from Photo Marketplace to ‘Find A Bro’

Find a Bro

The question isn’t “why?”, it’s “why not?” We are excited to announce that our industry-leading Pro-Photographer search product, ‘Find A Pro,’ is pivoting into other verticals. The next? ‘Find a Bro.’

First, we made it ridiculously easy to find a professional photographer anywhere in the world by location, genre, or clients. The new opportunity was apparently apparent. Read More

How Expedia hired two Premium Members for international assignments


No doubt you’ve been hearing a lot about our Premium Memberships recently so we thought it about time to start sharing some of the successful assignment hires that are going on behind the scenes.

In January, Expedia contacted us as they were sending crews to a number of locations around the world and needed photographers on the ground to capture the moments for a social media campaign. Using our Find a Pro search listing they were easily able to locate the photographers they needed to shoot the job, one based out of New York and the other in Cambodia. Conor Wall and Robert Englebright were both Premium Members, and we caught up with them to hear about the process of promoting themselves to the buyers and being engaged to shoot. Read More

Christine Wehrmeier on turning a hobby into a profession


British born Christine Wehrmeier’s photography career was preceded by working as a Media Executive for BBC. What started as a hobby evolved into a successful wedding and commercial photography career that has taken her from Ethiopia to Cuba and brushed shoulders with Jim Carey. When viewing her images, you can’t help but sense the feeling of light hearted joy and happiness that emanates from her work. Leveraging her social media channels and networks has also garnered her a loyal legion of followers that keep her business in demand throughout the UK. Here’s how she runs her business and why she thinks you shouldn’t follow too many photographers in the social web. Read More