5 Tips for Not Getting Sued When Using Online Images

avoiding copyright infringement

Photo © Cavan Images

With Google, Bing and Yahoo hosting billions upon billions of images in their database, it has become all too easy to search for that ‘New York Skyline’ shot.  Just type it in!  In fact, we saved you the job – take a look at these ‘New York Skyline’ images, courtesy of Google, of course, and quickly peruse the sheer number of beautiful, glossy (free?) images that await you.  Just click on that image, save it to your desktop, and voila – it’s yours.  Who’s going to know?  There are billions of images on Google search, so how will anyone differentiate or even know that this one skyline picture belongs to someone else?

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What Not To Do: 6 Tips From ImageBrief’s Photo Editor

Photo: © Ken Pao

Meet ImageBrief’s Photo Editor, Darcy Rogers. Photo: © Ken Pao

At ImageBrief, we have several teams that work tirelessly to ensure our whole machine is well-oiled, nimble, and able to hit top speed. One team makes sure photographers are getting their work in front of clients, our developers are constantly improving and innovating our platform, another team ensures clients are able to find the images they need for their campaigns, and perhaps one of the most important roles in the whole mix is our photo editor, who looks at every single image that gets submitted to every brief. That’s right, an actual person looks at every single image before it ever gets in front of the client. Who’s behind the wheel? It’s Darcy Rogers, an experienced photographer with a keen eye and laser-like attention to detail.

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Jeremy Rasnic is Heading Out On His Dream Shoot

Photo: © Jeremy Rasnic

Photo: © Jeremy Rasnic

Last Summer, ImageBrief put out a call to all photographers to find out what their dream shoot would be. The most compelling story would land them a plane ticket to anywhere in the world and a camera from Adorama. The lucky winner, Jeremy Rasnic heads off this week on his Australian adventure. We’ll be chronicling Jeremy’s journey on our social channels so stay tuned. Here’s what he had to say about his upcoming trip… Read More

8 Tips To Get the Most Out of Every Shoot

Photo: © Deborah Kolb

Photo: © Deborah Kolb

How often do you find yourself on a shoot with a singular mission or task in mind? You’re shooting for a specific client or adding to your personal portfolio and you work hard to get the shots you want with those specifics in mind. But what if you could do just a little more—an extra outfit on the model at this location, an added prop for another—to give your shoots even more value in the long run?

Outtakes and additional poses can help to build your library of images which come in handy for briefs on ImageBrief and will help you build a great library of stock images which have a variety of uses. (Shhh, little secret, ImageBrief will be rolling out a Premium Marketplace very soon.) So why not go the extra mile to make yourself even more marketable? Read More

Get that local flavor: 10 photographers you need to know about

photographer search


Need a photographer to shoot in the streets of New Delhi? Or does your campaign call for authentic shots of a rave in Berlin?  No matter where you are in the world, or where in the world the content is that you need to capture, use Find a Pro to quickly locate and hire pro photographers who are already immersed in that culture. We’ve shortlisted ten incredible images from pros in ten different global locations…

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Are generic photos killing your content?


This article originally appeared in the Australian edition of CCO Magazine.

Content marketers have been chanting about original content for years now. Professional photographer Paul Pichugin suggests we need apply that mantra to images as well.

Marketers know that images included with content help to convey the right brand image and improve search engine rankings. The availability of stock photography has exploded over the last fifteen years. Have you ever considered that easy access to high-quality images might be working against your brand?

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12 Art Directors to Follow on Instagram

Art Directors on Instagram

This article first appeared on Creative Bloq.

Want to source more daily aesthetic inspiration? Look no further than the digital visual diaries of these 12 creatives.

The visual storytelling power of this platform is indisputable – Instagram provides the ultimate showcase of the beauty found in everyday life. We’ve handpicked a list of some of the most creative minds in the industry to see how they curate their everyday lives. Read More