Protecting Your Copyright – Another Success Story

Protecting Your Copyright: Another Success Story

Photo: © Eric Bowers

We’ve made a few really exciting announcements in the last month: a new partnership with ImageRights, important updates to our T&C’s, and a firsthand account of just how vital ImageRights is to the lives and careers of photographers all over the web. This week, we’re bringing you another success story from architectural and commercial photographer Eric Bowers, whose gain on the ImageRights platform is further testament to the powerful profit stream that many photographers have been able to access thus far.

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Protecting Your Copyright – Success Story

Partnering With ImageRights: A Success Story

Photo: © Don Komarechka

Last week, our CEO, Simon Moss announced our partnership with ImageRights to help our community protect their copyright and fight image theft. This week, we’re getting down to the nitty gritty: personal, first-hand experiences, told by the photographers themselves, on just how vital ImageRights has been to the success of their careers thus far.

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Image Thieves Beware

Photo: © Gina Moore

Photo: © Gina Moore

Protecting Copyright Is Complex. We Just Fixed That.

Photographers lose millions of dollars every year through the misuse and theft of their images. It’s a missed revenue opportunity for photographers and a risk for brands.

Understanding copyright can be difficult. Marketers don’t always know the specific differences between Rights Managed, Royalty-Free and Creative Commons licensing. It can also be challenging for organizations to track and manage the usages of images they have licensed. As designers and creatives come and go, clients are left to track and manage what is legal use and what isn’t.

As a photographer, monitoring and protecting the copyright of your images is a critical function of your business.

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Behind The Shot: Delta Airlines

Behind The Shot: Delta Airlines

Photo: © Pamela Oliveras

We love seeing winning ImageBrief shots out and about, and when we spotted this snapshot of the perfect NYC scene in Midtown Manhattan, now the face of a worldwide Delta Airlines campaign, our excitement just couldn’t be contained! This is what ImageBrief is all about: connecting the best of the best from both ends of the creative process and letting the magic happen.

Not surprisingly, we couldn’t resist getting in touch with the photographer, Pamela Oliveras, for a play by play of her process, from the first spark of inspiration to the point of sale on the ImageBrief platform. Thanks for chatting with us, Pamela, and congratulations!

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6 Tips For Taking The Perfect Portrait

This week, we’re looking at what it takes to shoot the perfect portrait – how to capture someone’s true essence, freeze a moment in time, and allow the viewer a little day-in-the-life snapshot. Simply put, we couldn’t think of anyone more qualified to speak on this topic than ImageBrief photographer Martin Adolfsson. With years of experience in portraiture and a knack for bringing out the best in each of his subjects, his tips are sure to improve your own portrait work, whatever your skill level might be. Read on below for Martin’s top six tips on taking the perfect portrait…

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Product Review: Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album

Review: Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album

Photo: © Chip Kalback

Up until now I’ve never really invested in a solid printed portfolio. I’ve gotten by with my iPad app (in my opinion Portfolio for iPad is the best one out there), or the occasional $50 book printed with any number of online services just so I’d have something on paper. The $50 book served it’s purpose I guess, but it also looked like a $50 book, with mediocre paper quality and inconsistent color reproduction.

If I wasn’t taking my printed book seriously, how could I expect the ad agencies or magazines I’ve met with to take it seriously either? A high quality, beautifully assembled, printed portfolio was long overdue for me, and that’s when I took a closer look at Artifact Uprising’s Layflat Photo Album.

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How 8 Photographers Worked Directly with Reebok via ImageBrief

Photo: © Sarah Vasquez

Recently Reebok came to ImageBrief with a project that required photographers to capture their in-store promotions (market activation) in eight different locations in US cities. They’re just one of the lifestyle brands using ImageBrief to discover and hire talent previously not in their network. Reebok’s image requirements include product shots, branded lifestyle content, generic (but quality) lifestyle content and of course, big budget productions.  

Their usage needs also vary — from worldwide key brand campaigns to social media posts with an ‘on-air’ time of just hours. For this particular job, the images are to be used internally only.

Previously, Reebok hired three photographers from ImageBrief’s directory to source images of their current products for digital marketing. Read more about that here.

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