VIDEO: How Clients Find Assignment Photographers on ImageBrief

When a buyer comes to ImageBrief looking for a specific image they have several options—the buyer can search for the perfect photo via our new Reverse Image Search feature, put out a brief to find the shot to fit their campaign, or they can search for a photographer to get in touch with directly. However, sometimes putting out a standard brief might not return the exact results a buyer is looking for, and they still want to hire a photographer they can trust. Luckily, there’s another option.

More and more buyers have been using assignment briefs to find the perfect photographer to shoot a project. Take a look at the video above to see how one buyer hired ImageBrief photographer, Mat Rick, and to see the process of how clients find and hire photographers on assignment from all sides.

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We Talk To Rob Gregory: Art Director Turned Photographer

art director turned photographer

Photo: © Rob Gregory

Why are more and more art directors transitioning into photography? And what are the do’s and don’ts for photographers when working with ad agency creatives? 

These are some of the questions we had spinning round in our heads so we decided to get the answers straight from the horse’s mouth. We sat down with art director extraordinaire turned photographer, Rob Gregory, to get his thoughts on why venturing into photography makes sense for an art director, and find out his tips for other photographers wanting to pursue more work with ad agencies.

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How This Photographer Got Hired By The New York Times

how does a photographer get hired by the new york times

Photo: © Wilhelm Westergren

For photographers, getting access to clients you want to shoot for can be one of the most difficult aspects of the business. Work comes in, but you wonder how and when those pie-in-the-sky jobs are going to start coming your way. Sometimes it can feel like these negotiations take place in a black box or some clandestine meeting place. You often find yourself wondering, “How did that photographer manage to land that high-profile campaign?” or “What goes on during the initial conversations?”.

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ImageBrief Introduces Reverse Image Search For Commercial Images


As creatives, you’ve all been there. You’ve found an image that you love. It’s exactly what you  were looking for. But it’s been sitting in the “inspiration” folder on your desktop for the past 18 months and you can’t remember where you found it for love nor money. On the rare chance that you DO find where it originated, you discover that it’s non-licensable, and you’re back to square one. Or maybe you’ve comped up a concept that your client falls in love with, only to explain they can’t use that photo as you found it on Google Images. Sound familiar?

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Calling All Photographers: ImageBrief’s MyMarketplace Has Arrived

ImageBrief's MyMarketplace Has Arrived

Photo: © Toby Harriman

It’s a revolutionary time at ImageBrief. We’ve just added brand new features that make ImageBrief the only platform that captures the end-to-end consolidated workflow for image-buyers; briefing, finding and hiring photographers directly, and now, MyMarketplace. This is an all new revenue source for photographers, and a brand new way for buyers to search for and purchase licensable images instantly.

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June Was a Record Month For Photographers Contacted on ImageBrief

Photo: © Matthew Reed

Photo: © Matthew Reed

June has been a record month for photographers contacted for assignment work through ImageBrief. One of our founding principles is to bring photographers and buyers together, not keep them apart. In keeping with that sentiment, one of our key features is the Contact Me button on every photographer’s page, which allows buyers to talk to photographers directly about hiring them for assignment work.

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