How To Create A Killer Portfolio On ImageBrief

How To Create A Killer Portfolio On ImageBrief

Photo: © Conor Mac Neill

Your ImageBrief Portfolio is a powerful tool that lets you showcase and promote your best work, list your professional experience, and license your Marketplace images all in one place. We’ll take you through every aspect of creating a killer portfolio on ImageBrief. 

Because of its importance as a marketing vehicle for your business, it’s imperative that you fill out all the info completely. Only complete portfolios will appear in our “Hire” feature where buyers can search for photographers by specific fields like name, location, genres and clients. Your portfolio is also linked to every image you submit to ImageBrief, meaning whenever a buyer clicks on one of your submissions, it will direct them straight to your portfolio.

Let’s take a look at landscape and travel photographer extraordinaire, Conor Mac Neill’s portfolio for some insight on what makes a killer portfolio. In order to reach 100% completion for your portfolio, you must have all the below filled out. Here we go…

Portfolio Information

Cover Image – This large photo displayed above your main profile info is the first thing buyers see, so choose an image that is eye-catching and represents your body of work.

How To Create A Killer Portfolio On ImageBrief

Avatar Image – Show the person behind the camera! Please upload a clear, high-res image that represents you at your best. Remember, this profile picture will be featured prominently next to your cover photo and will be one of the first things buyers and other photographers see in our search feature and when you promote yourself.

How To Create A Killer Portfolio On ImageBrief

About Me Headline – Limited to 100 characters, this concise line should sum up what you do in an instant. As yourself, what’s the one thing you’d want a buyer to know? Conor’s reads “Travel and destination photographer. Simple and to the point.

About Me Bio – Here’s where you can go in-depth on your background, how you fell in love with photography, and what you enjoy shooting. Remember: buyers are people too, so make it personal, and give them insight into your craft and what inspires you. You may very well have picked up a camera because you were better with pictures than words, but it is worth investing time in this section to make it stand out. You have 700 characters so make it count.

Genres – List up to 5 genres you love shooting. While you may feel like you can shoot anything, we all have our strengths, so be honest. Opt for the things you’re not just good at, but you really enjoy. It will show through in your work, just make sure your corresponding portfolio supports this. Conor lists what he’s strongest at: landscape, travel, cityscapes, and astrophotography and his portfolio absolutely backs this up.

Clients are able to search by genres and the previous clients you’ve shot for, so it’s important you fill these out accurately and completely.  

Clients – Sometimes buyers want a photographer with a particular area of expertise. Gourmet Magazine is not going to search “National Geographic,” so make sure your specialties build a consistent theme throughout your portfolio. Remember, this space is for you to add just the client name, this is not the place to tell us the story of the shoot. If you don’t have any clients you want to list, just leave this blank.

Locations – Choose up to five locations that you have access to or have previously shot before. No rocket science going on here. These five locations are different than the main location, which is where you are currently based. Your main location is the one that clients can search by.

How To Create A Killer Portfolio On ImageBrief

Once you’ve entered and saved all these fields, your headline, bio, genres, clients, and locations will appear in the “more info” section of your portfolio.

Day Rate – This is an optional field, however we highly suggest filling this out according to a ballpark figure of your general day rate. We created this field to open a dialogue between you and potential clients. One of the biggest questions we get all the time is “we like this photographer’s work, but what’s their day rate?” Now that they can see an estimation, it opens up that dialogue and you can then give a better estimate according to the scope of their project. No worries if you don’t want to fill this out, it’s not mandatory.  

Portfolio Images

This is your time to shine. You need to have a minimum of 30 images in your ImageBrief Portfolio in order to reach 100% completion. Upload as many images as you would like however 30-60 per genre is plenty. Make sure that the images you upload play to your strengths and reflect the info you’ve entered in your profile. Buyers like to see consistency in your work.

Pick a variety of images that really showcase your talent, vision, and aesthetic. Conor has uploaded a variety of images that give a good overview of his work. Click on the “Reorder Images” button next to “Upload Portfolio Images” to change the order of your images.

How To Create A Killer Portfolio On ImageBrief

It’s good to err on the side of adding less and really doing a thorough edit of your work. The last thing you want is a bloated portfolio with images that all look the same. Remember, the images on your ImageBrief portfolio are for self-promotion and do not need to be available to license. This portfolio is geared toward showcasing your work and getting you hired.

Icons – When viewing any ImageBrief Portfolio, you will see three icons underneath the photographer’s name. The heart is how many people have “liked” your portfolio; the eye is how many views your portfolio has had; and the person icon is how many people have added you to their networks.

Portfolio vs. Marketplace – If you have a subscription account with ImageBrief, you’ll notice that the word “Marketplace” now appears in conjunction with your portfolio, but only if you’ve submitted images to the Marketplace. Your Portfolio Marketplace now acts as your own personal storefront where you can license images to anyone who lands on your page. To read more about the distinctions between your portfolio and the Marketplace, click here.

Share My Portfolio – Now that you have your portfolio up to speed, it’s time to share it with the world! We’ve made it super easy for you to do this simply by clicking the “Share My Portfolio” button. Via a custom link you can share anywhere, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can even input email addresses directly into that field and include a note. Many of our photographers also include links to their ImageBrief Portfolios in their email signatures and contact pages on their personal websites. The more you share, the better, as you’ll get more views and likes!

Creating a basic portfolio on ImageBrief is free, however, if you want to be listed in the “Hire” feature (where buyers can contact you direct), you’ll need an active Explorer Plus or Premium subscription. Sign up here.

Ken Pao is the Director of the Premium Accounts at ImageBrief. As a pro photographer himself, he is thrilled to be working with some amazing ImageBrief Premium Photographers and connecting them with some of the top ad agencies, publishing houses, brands and magazines of the world!


About Ken Pao

Ken Pao is the Director of the Premium Accounts at ImageBrief. As a pro photographer himself, he is thrilled to be working with some amazing ImageBrief Premium Photographers and connecting them with some of the top ad agencies, publishing houses, brands and magazines of the world!