Meet the Most Dynamic Team on the Planet

These guys are the ultimate multitaskers. Heading up an IT consulting firm by day and running hotels by night they can speak German, English, Japanese and run business turnaround enterprises on their lunch break. Or at least that’s what you’d be thinking when you saw their confident and totally natural, unposed faces plastered around the internet.

Jokes aside you may now be wondering where all those stock shots you’ve used in the past may also be lurking. So here’s a good exercise to do before throwing down that stock shot as the hero image for your next project. Use Google Search by Image to track down where your image has been used on the web before.

Go on try it now with this iStock classic! Copy this link

and from the Google Images page click the little camera symbol next to the search bar and paste in the url. Its almost comical how many pages of results there are. When searching for your own image you can either copy and paste a link to search like you’ve just done or upload the image from your computer. You may find pages and pages of results where the image has been shown. 

That’s one thing we hope to get around by briefing photographers directly, making sure your shots are fresh and unique by tapping into a pool of largely unused imagery. Then again though, the smiles on this team are somewhat irresistible. Now where’s my credit card…

Thanks to Fair Trade Photographer for spotting this image