Donate a Post for Breast Cancer Awareness and Win an iPhone 7 – #Dare2Tutu

Are you free-spirited and love giving back? Does raising awareness of breast cancer and winning a brand new iPhone 7 while having fun all at the same time interest you? If so, read on.

We’re getting behind the Tutu Project and we’d like you to join us. Recently we wrote about the amazing story of Bob and Linda Carey, who’s story has bought a tear to many an eye (including ours) and had over 3.67 million views on YouTube.


ImageBrief and BrandBrief CEO, Simon Moss with Bob and Linda Carey preparing for the launch of October’s #Dare2Tutu Breast Cancer Awareness Month

To help Bob and Linda raise awareness of breast cancer, we encourage you to dare your friends and followers to help Bob and Linda reach their goal of $50,000 as the #DARE2TUTU project kicks off on October 1st, 2016.

Here’s how you can get started right away:

  1. Head to the App Store, download BrandBrief and scroll to the ‘Dare2Tutu’ campaign. Click on the links and order your Tutu or download a ‘Ballerina Bob’
  2. Take a fun picture of yourself, with your friends or team at work wearing your Tutu or with Ballerina Bob.
  3. Create your post, daring your friends to do the same. Tag them in your post submission and include your photo.
  4. Submit your post through the BrandBrief App by selecting “DONATE THIS POST” in your quote.



Can I support without having to create and donate a post through the app?

Absolutely. We have a page set up where you can donate directly here.

Is there an Android App?

BrandBrief isn’t currently available on Android unfortunately because over 70% of our community work on Apple devices. Don’t let that stop you though! Head to our fundraising page and you donate direct!

How do I win the iPhone 7?

A new iPhone 7 is being donated by BrandBrief to encourage your support by creating and donating posts through the BrandBrief App. In order to be in the running for the iPhone 7 you’ll need to submit your posts through BrandBrief so we can track your submission.

Winners will be chosen on the 23rd October, 2016 at the absolute discretion of Bob and Linda Carey themselves. Criteria is based on your creative use of the Tutu, Ballerina Bob and the engagement generated through your posts.

I have less than 1,000 followers on social media, can I participate using the BrandBrief App?

Yes you can. It doesn’t matter how many friends or followers you have, you can donate posts via the BrandBrief app for causes.

Does BrandBrief make money from this campaign?

BrandBrief does not make a single cent by supporting the Carey Foundation or from any sales of products associated with or for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Our efforts and energy to help support causes is purely philanthropic.

Our belief is that as our influencer network grows (with reach already into tens of millions) we have the power to give back. Causes are at the heart of what we want to achieve with BrandBrief which is why we developed the ‘Donate this Post’ option in our pricing guide for influencers.

Here is a link to download the BrandBrief App once again.

We can’t wait to see your submissions and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. We’re hopeful that together, we can reduce the stress that goes along with a breast cancer diagnosis.

6 Common Misconceptions About Influencer Marketing

6 Common Misconceptions About Influencer Marketing

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After spending the last 12-18 months talking to hundreds of people here in NYC – emerging social superstars, VIP influencers (see more about segmentation at the bottom of this post), brands, agencies, founders and investors -we found lots of conflicting misconceptions about what is happening, how it works and how to do it properly.

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How Photographer Bob Careys’ Tutu Raises Funds for Breast Cancer

When Bob Carey’s wife Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, they both knew the fight ahead had to include one thing: laughter (and lots of it). Enter The Tutu Project – a series of self portraits by Bob, featuring the photographer himself in various locations wearing nothing but a pink tutu.

Since the Tutu Project was established, Bob and Linda have been raising money for both men and women going through breast cancer treatment, published a book (Ballerina) and launched their own foundation – The Tutu Project for The Carey Foundation.

Here at ImageBrief we’re putting all our energy into supporting Bob and Linda’s foundation and we’d like you to join us.

In the coming days we’ll be launching our campaign to the ImageBrief community and asking you for your help to spread the word by donating social media posts through the BrandBrief app for the Tutu Foundation.

It’s a fast and easy way for you to help Bob and Linda launch the ‘Dare2Tutu‘ campaign in the month of October and we hope you’ll join us in supporting this amazing foundation.

Stay tuned to learn more.

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ImageBrief connects to Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr (and more)

An Update to Our Image Import Process

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