How Simple is the ImageBrief Process?

The ImageBrief process is simple: a creative in need of an image posts a request and thousands of photographers around the world find a shot to match and upload it for consideration. But after spending the effort to find and upload the image what happens next after the brief ends? Well that’s where our curators come in to play. Let us illustrate this with an example.

Recently, Banjo advertising in Sydney, Australia posted a brief for a ‘Contemporary back yard panorama with a modern, stylish, deck, garden, pool that needs to be “Australian adaptable”’. They posted the brief at 2pm Sydney time, the brief was reviewed and released by one of our curators in New York before they tucked themselves into bed and Banjo had the image they needed and requested it for purchase all before the Australian based photographer, Boris Gozin, had even seen the brief. How? The power of our ‘Discovered for You’ feature.

When an image buyer posts a brief, our curators will dig through submissions to past briefs to find suitable images and submit them on our photographers’ behalf. This gives ImageBrief photographers a team of agents that look for every opportunity to match a great image with a live request, capitalising on the time spent uploading an image and delivering images to buyers within minutes of them posting their brief. Speed being one of the biggest factors that fast moving advertising agencies need to consider.

ImageBrief photographers can submit previous submissions to briefs on the run from their phone by using the ImageBrief app, making it even easier and quicker to get the right images into briefs.

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