ImageBrief Photographer Receives Highest License Fee For Single Image

We’re delighted to report a new landmark with one of our amazing ImageBrief photographers successfully selling our highest ever license fee of $28,000 for a single image in a brief. Thousands of photographers are now monetizing their back catalogue through ImageBrief, and last month we had a record average of $2152 an image. We’re thinking… that’s not bad… in an industry where budgets and fees have been hit hard over recent years.

As for 2014, we’ve heard your comments loud and clear and our big focus is optimizing the user experience to give you the best chance of transacting. We’re also working on ways to obtain more and better feedback on briefs, both during decision period and after closing, plus various feature requests that you’ve sent us.

In fact we have huge plans this year to help you connect in even more and better ways with the biggest brands and agencies in the world. Stay tuned!

You can view a tiny sample of what’s been selling recently on our Facebook page.

And finally, our team witnessed our unofficial 2nd birthday this month which almost took us by surprise as things are happening so quickly! We skipped the birthday celebrations and went straight for an inter office table tennis competition last week (at which I’m afraid Ed, our fielded ImageBrief player, blew out on in the first round).

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