What Shot Do You Dream of Taking?

If we said we’d send you anywhere in the world with a brand new camera to take the shot of a lifetime, where would it be? We want you to tell us, because one of you is going!

If you haven’t entered, head over to our Dream Shoot page and tell us where you would go and what you would shoot. And check out some of our favorite entries this week below!

Venice’s secret courtyards. The lost ones. The quiet ones. The real ones. The ones only Venitians know about.

Up the Mekong River stopping off at villages and towns to take pictures of local people. Before more dams change the whole environment.

To photograph the nomadic Moken Sea Gypsies of southern Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago. Freedivers by nature, the Moken are able to spearfish at great depths without using goggles or a mask.

And for our CMO who is a huge Springsteen fan, “Documenting the unique people, places and traditions of Youngstown, OH since the rise and fall of the steel mills that I grew up with.

We’d love to hear from you, so head on over and tell us today.